We live in the world where modern technology is essential in our life. Just 40 years ago, Molecular gastronomy was just a dream. Today, it is one of the most popular trends in the food industry.
M5 Gourmet Concepts, too, is a brand that always looks for innovative food taste experience and share with customers in delicate gift packaging.
In order to find out the best quality and the most innovative products for our customers, we never stop the search. We have tried over 50 suppliers, covering 800 products from around the world in regions like UK, America, Germany, Australia, etc, just to source the best.
After tasting the food and consulting some professional advice, we finalize 3 regions we actually work with, they are: North America, Europe and Tropical Asia. We are sure that these imported products, together with our M5 Gourmet special gift packaging, are able to leave you and your recipients the most unforgettable food tasting experience.
Creativity Meets Technology
Raw materials frozen below zero; Water sublimated straight into vapor; Cell structure of the original product remains; Antioxidant and phytochemicals retain as much as the fresh state.
Natural Beauty Inside Out
Molecular fruit cuisine of 100% pure fruit without any preservative added; original flavor and nutrition remain; completely safe, light weight with long shelf-life; airy texture that wow your taste bud.
All final products can be stored under room temperature condition and no refrigeration is needed so a lot of energy is saved; raw materials are used to the full extent so no waste; product packages are reusable.
Benefits For Various People
Boost energy and improve work performance; Regulate high blood pressure; Reduce the risk of heart disease; Provide healthy nutrition to help endure pressure; Enhance vitality and mobility
Innovative Packaging Design
Moon Crispy freeze dried mixed fruit on the go; Yogurt Melt fruit yogurt melt in CAPSULE; Citrus Nebula Mandarin orange mist; High-end texture Premium Dark Blue Tea Gift Box; Sustainable Bamboo Book Coffee Gift.
Inspirational Gifts For
Professional businessman; People pursuing a healthy life style; Who are looking for innovated and never-seen-before items; Who appreciate and enjoy an artistic way of life ;And who want to unlock a new way of eating fruit.
Think Outside The Box
Help you regain energy and power; Substitute for sugar or gummy; Companion to comfort you in times of distress; Ice breaker in an awkward conversation; Time saving nutritional food; Source of inspiration.
Designed for Sharing
Share healthy eating everyday; Share crunchy fruits with friends and family; Share premium packing to your customers; Share the tasting experience on social media; Share your heartfelt thanks to your loved ones