Benefits For Various People

Boost energy and improve work performance; Regular high blood pressure; Reduce the risk of heart disease; Provide healthy nutrition to help endure pressure; Enhance vitality and mobility

Innovative Packaging Design

Moon Crispy freeze dried mixed fruit on the go; Yogurt Breeze fruit yogurt melt in CAPSULE; Citrus Nebula Mandarin orange mist; High-end texture Premium Dark Blue Tea Gift Box; Sustainable Bamboo Book Coffee Gift.

Inspirational Gifts For

Professional businessman; People pursuing a healthy life style; Who are looking for innovated and never-seen-before items; Who appreciate and enjoy an artistic way of life ;And who want to unlock a new way of eating fruit.

Think Outside The Box

Help you regain energy and power; Substitute for sugar or gummy; Companion to comfort you in times of distress; Ice breaker in an awkward conversation; Time saving nutritional food; Source of inspiration.

Designed for Sharing

Share healthy eating everyday; Share crunchy fruits with friends and family; Share premium packing to your customers; Share the tasting experience on social media; Share your heartfelt thanks to your loved ones

Creativity Meets Technology

Raw materials frozen below zero; Water sublimated straight into vapor; Cell structure of the original product remains; Antioxidant and phytochemicals retain as much as the fresh state.

Natural Beauty Inside Out

Molecular fruit cuisine of 100% pure fruit without any preservative added; original flavor and nutrition remain; completely safe, light weight with long shelf-life; airy texture that wow your taste bud.


All final products can be stored under room temperature condition and no refrigeration is needed so a lot of energy is saved; raw materials are used to the full extent so no waste; product packages are reusable.